can whiskey make everything a tad better? i’m thinking yes.

23 Feb

julie child spends half her time talking about eating and cooking fish in her book “my life in france.”  while not 100% of a big fish eater i do occasionally like it and know i should eat more of it.  whenever i contemplate making it i’m often reminded of the section on fish in a “how to cook in an apartment” cookbook.  you turn to the fish section, its one page….”don’t do it” is the warning.  but i’d been craving salmon since finishing julie’s book.  so i wandered down to earthfare to pick me out a piece.  when i was checking out the guy ringing me up wanted to know how i was going to cook it.  this i wonder on the way home and came up with something that turned out spectacular.  i marinate the salmon filet in red stag whiskey, a cherry infused whiskey, added some olive oil, pepper and tons of rosemary.  20 minutes later hot out of the oven sweet, silky yumminess of salmon.  as i was eating i was already contemplating the leftovers.  totally getting some goat cheese brie from work.  spread that on some of the bread i baked this week and then top it with a little cold salmon.  leftovers yes please!


2 Responses to “can whiskey make everything a tad better? i’m thinking yes.”

  1. Luke Johnson February 23, 2011 at 2:34 am #

    My favorite thing to do with leftover salmon is salmon salad sandwiches. Just crumple it up, salt, pepper, fresh lemon zest, and just enough mayo to make it all stick together. Put it on a croissant or ciabattina roll and its good to go. This looks awfully damn good to. Does the Red Stag come through or pretty mellow? How long did you marinate it?

    • lynley February 23, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

      i was just contemplating salmon salad this morning. i marinated it for a few hours and the red stag totally came through. it was way more sweet than whiskey, but you could smell the whiskey as it cooked. i’d say marinate at least 2 hours or it won’t come through at all.

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